Step By Step Guide To Amplify & Earn Upto 13% APY While Holding Crypto

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Most of the serious crypto investors in the market believe in buying and holding their positions for a long time to reap the benefits of upcoming price rallies. Holding crypto and waiting for the right time might be overwhelming for some of us. But what if we tell you that your holding journey has become more rewarding than ever? Yes, that’s true! 

Now you can amplify and get attractive returns on your crypto by just letting them rest in your wallet. Wondering how? 

Kassio has launched its Earn program to reward our HODLer community. With our Earn program, users can get fixed returns up to 13% APY & exponentially increase the value of their crypto.  Below is your step by step guide to making your holding journey rewarding: 

Step 1: Sign up with Kassio

Take your first step towards financial freedom by signing up with Kassio. Join us in the crypto-financial revolution and unlock endless opportunities. 

Step 2: Complete your KYC

After completing the signup, upload your required documents and complete your KYC submission. Once your KYC submission is verified, you can now access all the services offered by Kassio. 

Step 3: Buy or transfer your crypto to Kassio wallet

After completing your KYC, you are set to start your crypto investment or holding with Kassio. Your next step will be to put your crypto in the Kassio wallet. If you already own crypto, all you need to do is transfer your crypto assets to the Kassio wallet. Whereas If you don’t own crypto, you can buy crypto by using our trade feature. 

Step 4: Start earning fixed interest up to 13% APY

Once you have transferred your digital assets to the Kassio wallet, your assets will be eligible for earning fixed returns. At Kassio, we offer different interest rates for different coins. You can invest in suitable fixed deposits and get attractive returns up to 13% APY depending upon your crypto assets.  

Step 5: Enjoy the power of compounding

Once you have invested in the fixed deposit, you will earn a weekly return on your investment. The weekly returns will add to the next week’s cycle and with compounding your crypto assets will increase exponentially. Your total interest gained will be paid out after the maturity of your FD. 

The returns will be weekly paid if you have kept your assets in your wallet whereas we recommend our users to invest in fixed deposits to maximize their returns.

Signup with Kassio and follow these simple 5 steps to earn attractive returns & amplify your crypto assets. While you hold your crypto with us, your assets will be in your complete control, you can withdraw your crypto whenever you need. There is absolutely no exit load or penalty if you withdraw your crypto before the maturity of FD. So what are waiting for? Invest now. We hope this article will help you to maximize your crypto gains. You can also access Instant crypto loans, crypto cards & trade with Kassio. To explore more crypto-financial services sign up now.

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