Future of Finance: Parallelly Emerging Crypto Financial Universe

Since their inception, banks have played a pivotal role in managing financial assets and fulfilling the financial needs of individuals everywhere. Today they are still the foremost institutions to invest with, issue credit/debit cards, and securely validate transactions. Together with fiat currencies, they have enjoyed a monopoly of control over our economies, but that is rapidly changing. 

Since the advent of cryptocurrencies, the financial sector has dealt with a rapidly changing economic landscape. Cryptocurrencies are becoming mainstream, and the need to bring the utility of crypto at par with fiat currency is arising. With the growing crypto investors’ base and popularity of crypto, the demand for crypto-financial services has also grown immensely.

More than 300 million crypto users worldwide needed a parallel system to provide them with crypto-financial services that include perks similar to traditional banking. A system that helps them avail instant access to purchasing power allows them to use crypto as collateral and, aids them in growing their crypto investments & provides financial stability.

Back in 2009, when the world’s first cryptocurrency came into existence, no one could ever believe that fast forward to the year 2022, the world would have crypto-backed financial services and bank-like facilities. With the outstanding efforts of crypto experts, enthusiasts, and techies, today, we have successfully run crypto financial services, enabling you to earn, borrow, and access crypto cards that work similarly to debit cards. Crypto-Industry has flourished like never before, and now it’s the turn for crypto financial services to keep up with the pace.

Kassio is a platform that offers crypto-financial and asset management services to help our users earn, borrow, shop, and grow their crypto wealth. Our team is passionate and committed to providing crypto-financial solutions to every country where these services have not reached their user base. We believe that we are working towards a better tomorrow by facilitating financial freedom for all users. We are crypto-believers who believe that crypto is a powerful tool to change financial markets’ future.

“ Crypto-financial services have the power to challenge the traditional instruments and ways of financing. It is indeed a powerful upcoming ecosystem that has the potential of being oxygen and blood of the financial landscape. All we need to do is make these services accessible and affordable to all,” said Bharat Vivek, founder, and COO of Kassio.

Kassio is working to enable crypto investors to earn, borrow, trade, and access instant purchasing power by linking crypto wallets to debit cards. With our platform, we are making it possible to take an instant crypto loan against your crypto assets without worrying about credit checks. All you need to do is select your preferred cryptocurrency and easy-to-manage LTV and get instant approval. We understand that growing asset is a matter of financial security, and to provide you with an avenue to amplify your crypto asset, we are providing fixed deposit earning schemes. It is similar to traditional Fixed deposits but with lucrative returns. Now you can put your crypto assets in your Kassio Wallet and start earning fixed returns while HODLing your cryptos.

The utility of cryptocurrency has been a matter of concern for a long time. After possessing many cryptos, users could not use them for shopping or paying bills. We have launched our crypto-integrated debit card. Recharge your debit with your crypto wallet, and feel free to spend your accounts anywhere and anytime. You can cash out with our partner ATM without paying withdrawal fees.  

Kassio provides a sense of financial security and takes care of your every smallest or largest financial need. We strive to provide our users with the best possible experience of crypto financial services.

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