All You Need To Know About Instant Cryptocurrency Loans

cryptocurrency loan

Loans are a useful tool to fund financial needs or emergencies. Unfortunately, traditional loans are not accessible & affordable to everyone, thanks to the high-interest rate, credit score checks, and tedious loan approval process. When it comes to instant access to liquidity for urgent financial needs, not everyone has the liberty to count on traditional loans. But if you own/hold cryptocurrencies, we have your financial urgencies covered with our Kassio instant crypto-based loans. By utilizing your crypto assets, you can start borrowing at as low as 10.75% APR. Excited to know more about Instant crypto loans? 

Here is all you need to know about Kassio Instant Crypto Loans:

  1. No credit checks required –  Unlike traditional loans, you do not need to worry about credit history to access Kassio instant crypto loans. We do not conduct credit checks or charge origination fees. The only thing you will need is a crypto asset which you will use as collateral for processing the cryptocurrency loan. 
  1. Instant loan approval: Unlike conventional loans where delayed approval causes inconvenience to the borrower, we provide instant approval on our cryptocurrency loan. The loan amount (also in crypto) will be credited to your wallet instantly, all you have to do is to keep your crypto as collateral as per the decided LTV ratio.
  1. LTV up to 65%: With Kassio instant crypto loans, users get the freedom to choose LTV (Loan to Value ratio). They can choose their preferred LTV and accordingly opt for the loan amount. We work on an over-collateralized model and offer a maximum LTV of up to 65%. 
  1. No fixed repayment schedule: Repaying loan amount as per the fixed schedule is sometimes stressful. There are many unpredictable expenses one might have to deal with. With traditional loans, delayed repayment attracts heavy late fees that make the loan repayment more expensive for the borrower. With Kassio loans users can take advantage of no fixed repayment schedule. They can repay the loan amount at their convenience. They can also make partial or full payments as per their preferences. There is absolutely no fixed repayment schedule and no provision for the late payment charges. 
  1. Option to avail of multiple loans: Taking loans is not just an emergency financial solution but it also becomes a debt instrument that can provide provisions to manage taxes. Borrowing using your crypto assets can prove to be a better option than selling your cryptos. With Kassio there is no limit on the number of loans one can take. You can easily opt for multiple loans.
  1. Prior notification to adjust LTV:  Due to the volatility of the crypto market, LTV value against the sanctioned crypto loan might vary. We will notify you with two margin alerts (Margin call 1 and Margin Call 2) prior to the liquidation limit of crypto assets. So that users can take their call to adjust the crypto collateral or LTV value accordingly. 
  1. Customized loan for your financial needs: No financial need is too small for us. We take care of all your financial needs no matter the size. You can start borrowing as small as 50USDT with us. Our vision is to empower our users with our customized crypto loan offering that fits all kinds of financial needs.

At Kassio, we are committed to making crypto-loans a liberating financial tool instead of a financial burden for our users. With our user-centric approach, we are all set to make financial independence accessible to all with the help of crypto assets. Sign up with Kassio and enjoy the financial freedom with our crypto loans.

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