Kassio Card: Experience the Joy of Financial Freedom

Kassio crypto card

The unique decentralized nature & innovative use cases of cryptocurrencies are adding to its popularity worldwide. As per the Global crypto adoption index 2021, the crypto adoption rate has increased by 880% globally. With an increasing acceptance and adoption rate of cryptocurrencies, arising the need for the enhanced utility of crypto. The freedom to pay bills and live off the crypto-asset seems like a daydream to investors. If your wallet is loaded with valuable crypto assets even then you cannot survive without the fiats in the real world. To resolve this problem and empower our community to spend crypto at their convenience, Kassio has launched its debit card. With the Kassio card, users can live their dream of using crypto in the real world. 

Here is all you need to know about Kassio Cards: 

  • Integration with the Kassio wallet:  Your Kassio card will be integrated with your Kassio wallet. You can recharge your card using your wallet and make the payments wherever you want. All you need to do is convert your crypto into fiat using our trade feature and load your card with it. 
  • Real-time settlement: Kassio card will facilitate instant payments. It offers a real-time settlement. Once you will pay with Kassio card, the transaction will take place instantaneously without any delay.
  • Global acceptance:  Our crypto card is globally accepted. You can make online payments on any e-commerce platform or pay bills using your card without any hassle.
  • Instant Rechargeable:  If you have exhausted the card balance, you can easily recharge your card by using your wallet. Convert your desired crypto into fiat and recharge your card with it. Your card balance will be updated instantly.
  • Use Anytime & Anywhere: With the Kassio card, you can take full control of your money. You can spend with your crypto asset anytime and anywhere at your convenience. 
  • Up to 7.5% Cashback & Exclusive Offers: Spending has become rewarding like never before with Kassio. By using the card you can unlock exclusive discount deals with your favorite brands and get up to 7.5% cashback. Spend with your Kassio card and discover attractive deals.
  • No Additional Charges: The objective of the Kassio card is to provide our users with the freedom of using crypto assets in the real world to fulfill their regular needs. To make its use easy and affordable we don’t charge any kind of hidden or additional fees for issuing or using the card.

To avail of all the benefits of a Kassio card, all you need to do is apply for a card & complete your video KYC. After your KYC gets approved, you will be allotted your Kassio card soon. You can instantly activate it by setting your card PIN and start using it wherever and whenever you wish. Get your Kassio card now and experience the power of spending with crypto in the real world.

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